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This design is efficient and easy to use, and will cover most of the target users' needs, but doesn't allow for stereo mic recording. Phantom power can be provided to a mic, with the switch tucked away on the back of the unit. Luckily, an LED on the top panel indicates whether phantom power is on.

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Metering conisists of single LEDs, which light green when a signal is present and turn red at clipping. One small observation is that the LEDs are green, while the box and promotional photos show them as red. The Audio Kontrol 1 comes with three software packages, each aimed at one of the applications NI imagine the interface will be used for. LE has all the basic functionality of the full version, but is limited to two decks, a cut-down two-channel mixer and basic effects.

For the guitarist aiming to plug straight into AK1's instrument input, there's Guitar Combos , which offers three preset amp and cab combos from Guitar Rig. Each instrument is limited to eight controls, which are mainly used to alter the presets. These are all very useful packages, especially if you don't already have any equivalent software, but there is one problem: NI plan to update Guitar Combos , but Xpress Keyboards is not slated to receive further development a fact which may also affect Windows Vista adopters.

There is a single knob and three buttons, surrounded by red lights when active, whose inclusion I regarded as a rather empty gesture when the product was announced.

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However, I warmed to them as I discovered that they can serve some rather unusual purposes, compared to your typical assignable MIDI controls. They can be used as regular MIDI controllers, either by using your software's MIDI learn functionality, or assigning specific messages to the hardware.

Firmware Update

The AK1 is not yet profiled in Reason or Live , so can't be used as a 'roving' controller: However, this is not the best way to use the controllers, which don't really lend themselves to controlling instruments anyway. More usefully, the AK1 can control software at the application level by sending key commands.

Making particularly cunning use of its one knob and three buttons, the Audio Kontrol 1 offers a surprising amount of hands-on control. Assignments are managed through this simple interface page. For the user to access the extended functionality, the Audio Kontrol 1 software must be running, so that it can translate the controls to the approprate commands in the background.

A long list of presets is available in the utility, mostly for NI software, but also for all the other big music programs. The screen below shows the Assignment page for the middle button in the setup utility. The middle button has been assigned to mimic the Space key, instead of sending a MIDI command, and the command has been assigned to Reason.

The Program parameter lists all currently open applications, and you can assign buttons to any keyboard shortcut, including those combined with modifier keys. Commands can be declared continuous for functions that act while the button is held down, and you can trigger commands on both press and release of the button.

This is very powerful, and as an experiment I was even able to set up a control page for playing Tetris with just the AK1! The following latency settings will allow smooth playback 5. DJ iO is compact and rugged enough to live in your gig bag. MixMeister Control. Total Control. Quickstart Guide. If the firmware version of your unit is Ver. Please read the Update Guide to check the firmware version of your controller and how to update the firmware.


Notice to Mac OS X So you may see an alert dialogue when you install driver software or firmware downloaded from Pioneer Support Web page. Please follow the steps below to open the file and install it. About installation of Java Java is required to be installed on your computer before running the update file. About unzipping the downloaded file If a jar file is not generated even after unzipping the downloaded zip file, please follow the instruction below to unzip the file.

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This driver will allow you to connect your DDJ to a computer. Please read the Manual for the installation procedure.

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If you have rekordbox connection, operation and audio issues, please see here to solve the problems. Mac OS users: You don't have to install this driver. Supported OS version and Latest information.


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