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Cyberlink Media Suite Essentials for Windows 8. Regulatory Label. CFI Not Included. Then come up and say it's not getting a signal from the computer. But it just was a second ago because I was working on the computer. Then the white light on the monitor flashes on and off slowly.

UH, MacBook, monitor staying in ‘Entering Power Save Mode’ loop - Dell Community

I just tried switching the HDMI ends and that didn't make a difference. I have the Apple set so that it doesn't ever go to sleep thinking that might fix it. But it doesn't. I called Dell and their support told me they are not trained on Apple computers and couldn't help me. Told me to call Apple. I did and they had me switch the cables, run a 5 step thing to reset something.

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  4. Which I did and it didnt make a difference. When I get home later Apple is supposed to call me to try to help me some more. But I can't believe a new monitor and new computer can't seem to connect right. Was really hoping it was something super simple. I'm about to become an alcoholic over this. Kidding of course. Intel-based Macs: That would point to a Mac problem.

    Apple Retail Store - Genius Bar. Aug 21, 1: I don't have another device to test the monitor with. Just that one computer. I don't have an Apple keyboard but on my windows keyboard I held down the Windows, Alt, P, R buttons at the same time while the mac was rebooting.

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    And it will come up on the screen and say that it's not getting a connection from the computer when it's connected to the Mac Mini. Here is something interesting I just found on Dells website. It shows it doesn't support any Apple operating system. I wonder if this is why I'm having problems. However, on Macmall. The mini displayport plugs in the Minis Thunderbolt port.

    How to Enter to the Factory (service) Mode of Dell U2515H

    Sep 21, 1: I have 2 cables: It seems like connection somewhere in cable is bad, because sometimes when I turn monitor it disappear and all applications rearrange to laptop, so connection between monitor and laptop has lost. Monitor goes to sleep mode. But I found out very interesting thing - even if I do not take monitor and just restart mac occasionally monitor goes to sleep mode and only reconnecting cable helps on second, third try.

    So I bought another cable. Thunderbolt to HDMI - it works normally, but in about every 2 minutes for few seconds image is gone and monitor is black. But applications are not rearranging to laptop, so it seems connected, but not showing.

    One more issue, I have my mac lagging after while. Cannot understand what reason. But I found out from some blog I go to sleep mode, wait for a second and wake it up. It works smoothly after this.

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    But that is so bad solution. I should go into sleep mode few times a day. Before Yosemite update I did not remember I even restarted my laptop in months only when some upgrades required. Now I restart my laptop every day few times. It is very annoying. Sep 29, 6: I bought the 3rd cable. It is not blinking now, but I cannot hear the sound on monitor and after sleep mode monitor does not wake up, but macbook shows only one part of desktop.

    And I tried to check if it is monitor problem or not. I just connected AppleTV and monitor works just well. Jan 23, New Dell monitor keeps going into power save mode More Less.