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10 Best Mac Games of 2018 (First Half)

Puzzle fiends, people who like a challenge, anyone who liked Myst and wants to see what a modern evolution would be like. Steam Humble Mac App Store. Improvements in AI behavior and the introduction of skills allocation let you be a more flexible commander than in previous Total War games. Akira Kurosawa fans. Everything about Shogun 2 —from the artwork to the soundtrack to the overarching gameplay goals—puts you inside a living history lesson.

Not a Good Match For: Unlike Empire or Rome, which let you build an empire spanning continents against vastly different foes, Shogun is fairly limited in its scale.

25 great Mac games under $10 each

Purchase from: Amazon Steam Mac App Store. When it came out in , Divinity: Original Sin already seemed almost too good to be true. Here we had a PC RPG that combined turn-based tactical combat, Ultima -style world simulation, and pen-and-paper co-op role-playing. It was great. A year later, Original Sin has been re-released in an Enhanced Edition with a number of major improvements. The game now works well!

There are a bunch of new items and abilities, the story has been reworked, and the script is now fully voice-acted. One of the best CPRGs in recent memory got a whole lot better. A Good Fit For: Not A Good Fit For: Anyone looking for something relaxed and casual. Original Sin is a difficult, demanding game, and it requires you to manage a bunch of complicated RPG inventory, crafting, and magic systems.

Read our impressions of the base game. Steam GOG. As a human stuck in a world of monsters, you decide whether you want to win encounters with wanton violence or clever context-based interactions talking, joking, petting, etc. Every life you take ultimately has consequences. Despite those grim trappings, Undertale can be an incredibly warm, fuzzy, and funny game. Crusader Kings II began, in , as a very good game. It has become, following a seemingly endless run of expansions and updates, each one adding new challenges, scope and dimensions to an already exhaustive package, one of the most comprehensive and unique strategic experiences in all of video games.

History buffs, anyone who knows that kingdoms rise and fall on much more than the strength of their armies. Paradox Steam GOG. Just a man and a dog, looking to make a delivery. But Kentucky Route Zero quickly becomes a mystical adventure through a land left behind by time, an odyssey in magical realism that feels grand and mysterious in a way that very, very few modern video games can muster.

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Anyone looking for something different. Those looking for a bunch of complex game mechanics— Kentucky Route Zero is a point-and-click adventure game, and a fairly simple one at that.

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Build structures out of various balls of goo to form a bridge to the suction pipe exit in each stage. As new balls with added abilities appear, the stages themselves become more complex and challenging. All Slides. Good, cheap fun. The Binding of Isaac. Faster Than Light. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Half-Life 2. Her Story. Lara Croft Go. Mini Metro. Oh… Sir!! The Insult Simulator. Papers, Please. PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate.

Plants vs. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

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    5. Direct link: See larger image. Faster Than Light In space, nobody can hear you scream—but your agonized yelps might wake family, roommates, or neighbors once you start digging into the brutal challenge of FTL: Zombies You might already know Plants vs. Reigns Ruling a nation must be tough, right? Shatter Brick-breaking games like Arkanoid and Breakout have been done to death, but the occasional innovator still comes along to shake up the old design.

      Next Up: Check out these related slideshows. The 5 iPhone and iPad games you need to play from January The 10 best Mac games of Browse All Top Sellers. Simulation , Sports , Management , Soccer.

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      Survival , Open World , Dinosaurs , Multiplayer. Simulation , Driving , Open World , Realistic. Free to Play , Survival , Zombies , Multiplayer. Showing 1 - 15 of 5, results. Browse All Time Most Popular. Strategy , Free to Play , Gore. Indie , Action , Platformer , 2D. Indie , Action , Stealth , Ninja. Action , Indie. Simulation , Adventure , Hacking , Indie. Strategy , Indie , Casual.

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      Simulation , Adventure , Indie , Casual. Early Access , Action , Adventure , Indie. Free to Play , Adventure , Indie. Strategy , Simulation , City Builder , Fantasy. Browse All Upcoming Releases. Daily Deal. Recommended Specials. See All Specials.