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Often times, if you give the physical machine more RAM and then allocate more memory to your VM, it will run much more smoothly.


This is it! This is my Elysium! This is where I'm gonna learn something worthwhile and make a difference. This is my raison d'etre. I will read all your tutorials but first i have a question about backtrack which appears to have "hundreds of hacker tools".

I have a little experience in programming and nearly none in hacking things. What is the risk to learn "hacking" this way? As for your questions, you could download each of these tools into Ubuntu, but it would be very time consuming. I can't really think of any risks to learning hacking this way. There is no risk to your machine or data. After all, you aren't hacking yourself. Thanks, i will try this way and i'll let you know if i hack myself ;P Can't wait to know more about all this! Keep going on! So basically i just want to know if its alright using Kali while referring to your posts.

I have a quick question to ask. I didn't think much of it, but is this okay? Also, when I input 'cd.. I input 'cd.. What am I doing wrong? Was it a setup problem? That is what is supposed to happen. In the first case, you are in clayton's home directory. I totally don't have any idea about terminal. Thanks to you I'm tryin' to get into it. I'm chasing you thnx for everything. Great article, keep up the good work, it takes time to strive sth through this, I believe you have time to keep us dedicated with u!

Most of the tools for hackers are developed for Linux for good reason. You can hack Linux to Linux, but many of the capabilities we need are not available from a Windows system. You might want to read this post from me about why every hacker should know and use Linux. I recommend you download Kali Linux ISO and then install it as a dual boot on your Mac or install it as a virtual machine inside your Mac.

Either will work, but as a beginner, I would recommend installing it as a virtual machine. How can I use one to hack the other? This website is really great a lot of goods knowledge and I am get too skilled. I would like to have the tutorial in sequence like a button under like w3schools style tutorial you go from one to another but here things seems to be random. You for 1 and next suggest is 4 or even 23 and you have to find out where 2 is. Hi I'd like to know how'd I go as and sorry if this is a extremely stupid question but install Linux how'd I go do that.

Check out this article on installing Kali Linux. Back Track is based off of Ubuntu, while Kali is based off of Debian. I love this guide, Ive always wanted to learn linux. As i started to follow your guide. I noticed that I'm having problems with my cd.. It says command not found but when i do ls, it shows cd..

What am i doing wrong? Thank you for answering, i don't know what ubuntu-based and debian-based is for now but i will continue reading these lectures of occupytheweb. Ubuntu and Debian are both distributions of Linux. These are the main two distros, so many other versions are based off these two. It is perfectly legal for me to try hacking my own home network and my own computer, right? I want to practice and see how secure my network is, but I don't want to get in trouble.

The only working nitro type money hack. (No inspect)

So far I love the website, it has amazing guides and great community members who can reply fast! And watch their own how-to's for stuff going out-of-date or needing to be fixed That's a lot better than most other community websites of any kind I've found. I wasn't sure either, I thought it probably was, but at least in my country I can't be sure if my government won't say "Well did you have written permission" no matter how many times I tell them it's my own network and computer.

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I'm tingling just reading this With that I'm going to sit down and shut up and have a good day everybody. I agree, this can be very confusing. This does help differentiate the two folders. Similarly, in the command line, you see "root kali: Interesting, eh? Does it means that we have two types of root in linux? This, i am finding very difficult to understand. Backtrack is outdated and I don't want to get a third party download. Are all the commands and stuff the same for Kali? I have not installed a Linux OS and i would like to do so but i know almost nothing.

Thank you so much for this article, I always liked computers and tech but I never really had the knowledge about it. And recently I also got interested in becoming maybe a hacker so that's why i decided to start learning about Linux, because I'd also read that mastering Linux is a big requirement. And since I didn't knew nothing about it, this article is really useful and easy to understand. So I'm looking forward at reading and learning the other article. Thanks a lot!!!! OTW i have some question first what should i start learning for becoming a hacker.

Third one should i learn python for hacking please respond i am new here. First, learn Linux. Once you have finished all that, then proceed to learning scripting. Python, Perl and Ruby, in that order, are all important. Hello, im a newbie on this. I have windows 7, so do i have to unistall my windows and install linux backtrack o kali?

I'm just starting out my path to be a hacker but already recognized the importance of this site for aspiring hackers! The Linux tutorials was very important to everyone that will work at the security role and, of course, need a special experience with Linux. Hi OTW and all members, I'm new here and know a bit about programming but surely nothing still regarding the world of hacking. I'm on holidays without my laptop and can't wait till I'm home in two days and start applying the many hours I've red about Oracle's Vbox, the process of the white hat hackers association and so on!

I want to thank all of u in advance for guiding me, and answering my questions that for sure I will have. I've red about having a VM installed on portable virtual box, and install Kali on that,, can anyone advise me if that is a wise decision? Why I can't use the cd commanf. I am usng virtual box Kali linux and when type cd.. I'm relatively new to hacking or computer coding in general. My resources are limited to what I can find online in the short amounts of time I have to myself.

I'm unable to download anything, do not own a working phone, and cannot pay to learn about programs and how they function. So, as you can see, it is difficult to find trustworthy sites to learn from; and harder to experiment on my own with any downloaded programs. But, despite these small drawbacks; I am extremely intrigued by hacking and getting into sites and systems manually. If possible, could somebody with more vast knowledge than mine, reply with a guiding statement that would suffice to aid me on my path to hacking?

OTW I wanted to thank you for these tutorials. I've worked with Windows and Mac for more than a decade now so I'm not a stranger to the terminal. I'm also not an expert I fall somewhere in between. I've always wanted to learn Linux and loaded it up on my machines many times in the past. I ran Suse for awhile, Mint and now Kali. In the past however I was learning on my own and that made it daunting.

Just by going through I created a directory and moved files into it from another directory all in the terminal. It was amazing and I'm learning pretty quick. I look forward to getting through all that there is on here. After years years of school and many friends and family members trying to teach me something about computers.

Just fair warning if I ever see you I will abduct you shrink you and keep you in my pocket. You give great advice and you are very paciente explaining about all this. Really appreciate it. BTW, I've been trying to install backtrack but there are too many instructions and too many options. Can someone guide me a little plz. Okay bud here's the deal..

Another thing - changes coming up are pretty drastic so you don't really want to be left behind with backtrack. I have question.? Just FWI there is an error at the end of the first paragraph in step 3 that could be potentially confusing to someone who knows nothing about linux which seems to be basically who this tutorial is for so may cast doubt. Welcome back, my hacker trainees!

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Great article, Keep up the good work! You are in the right place. Good luck and stay in touch along your learning adventure. Thank you for your time helping a fledgling. Bird and Bear: Dear King: Welcome to Null Byte! Thanks for those kudos and welcome to Null Byte! You can create a dual boot system with your thumb drive, so let's get hacking! That might be simplest.

No problem asking questions! That what we are here for. The install in both cases is pretty straight forward and it makes the partition for you. OTW P. Hi Jeff: Either will work, but I use Backtrack until Kali works out some of its bugs. Thank you for your time helping a newbie. The drawbacks to running BT from a VM are; Its a bit slower You need to know a bit about running Vms You can't do wifi hacking without an external adapter You should install it rather than run a live CD because it will run faster and you can't store any info from the live CD.

Perfect, thank you. Got it, thanks! Download the 64 bit or 32 bit ISO. I wholeheartedly thank you, maestro, for this joie de vivre. A few pointers and clarifications, maestro, if you please. This tutorial is 6 months old. Does all of this still hold true today, including the BT version, etc. You know what I mean. Where's the 'var' directory? It's not visible in the diagram.

It may be nothing but I'm just curious.

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Could you please explain or better still, do a tutorial, on what's vmware. It goes without saying, it should be something like "Vmware for Dummies" yours truly! Maestro, could you please suggest any laptop or pc that'd be ideal for this noble enterprise. If it's not too much to ask, maestro, could you please collate all these wonderful tutorials in a chronological or logical order whichever you deem best.

This will be a boon for tyros like me to wade through and grasp this highly interesting subject. Kudos and regards,. Click on it and this new little screen will come. Click on the 'Frames' Menu of new screen. You will find your lesson here. There will be some communication going on. Some strings are being send and receive between nitro type and your pc. You will see some thing like this. And your will look something like this:. G6 56K: H 5? D C 5C2K: F 69E [DE?

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C2G [? C ED 6D69E?: F EF 32 D6: Right Click on it and click on "Copy Message". The lesson is copied. Now you have to paste this in NT 2. After Pasting, Press enter and Click on Nitro type racing screen within 2 seconds.

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