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This can take days, so consider keeping your Mac awake overnight. With macOS you can also encrypt entire external drives.

Top 5 Best Encryption Software for Mac(OS Mojave Included)

The contents of the drive will be encrypted with a passphrase you choose, and no one will be able to access them without that passphrase. To encrypt a drive, simply open the Finder and connect the drive to your Mac. The disk will be encrypted once you enter your password of choice—be sure to use a secure one! You may have to wait several minutes for the contents of your disk to be encrypted, depending on the size of your drive and its speed.

You can encrypt individual files by creating an encrypted file container, or disk image. Whenever you want to work with your encrypted files just mount the disk image and enter your password. The files will be available to use and any files you save to the disk image will be encrypted. You might be using an operating system that best suits your needs.

Use FileVault to encrypt the startup disk on your Mac

The Mac OS is best suited for the multimedia work, internet browsing. It gives an interactive user interface with some great animations. The Windows operating system gives you more flexibility to install different types of software. Then comes the different distros of Linux OS. Linus based operating systems are best for programmers and tech enthusiasts. Talking about the security of these operating systems the Linux stays at the top with easy encryption. It is also safe from the virus and malware attacks.

Windows is most prone to virus, hence an easy target for hackers. Mac OS stays somewhere in the middle. With a little awareness and use of top end encryption software, the Mac OS X is as safe as it could get. If you are looking for the best mac encryption software to keep your data away from the reach of cyber criminals and hackers, we bring you the list which reveals you some best options.

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For Apple MacBook, there are many options available that offer the files security and hard disk encryption. The Concealer offers you a full-fledged security solution for the mac os. It not only encrypts the files present on your computer but also provides additional features like online security, buying protection, email encryption etc. The simple and minimalistic interface gives it the top position in the list. It uses top grade AES bit security encryption.

How to Use Apple’s Built-in Features to Encrypt Files and Folders

When you do online shopping it is necessary to keep the credit or debit card information secure. Concelertakes care of the online security.

What is FileVault?

You also have the option to hide any type of files or folders, so that only you can have its access. Computer security is a huge challenge in front of the cyber experts.

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Every hour many new viruses or malware or hacking attempts are blocked by the antivirus companies. If you forget your main user account password, this recovery option is the only way to get into your system.

Then What?

Make sure you save the answers to your security questions and FileVault key in a secure location, such as 1Password, in an encrypted, secure note. The added benefit of storing the key in iCloud is that you can recover it from Apple Support. Again, exercise extreme caution and store it in a safe, secure and accessible location. At all.

Is Using FileVault Encryption in macOS Good Enough? | The Mac Security Blog

The final step after setup is to restart your Mac. The first time you log in, encryption of your entire disk will begin. It will just pick up where it left off at the next opportunity. An important point if using a laptop: This initial encryption will only happen when your Mac is plugged into AC power.