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See the animated GIF below for an example:. Inside the Terminal window, copy and paste or type the following command, and press the return key on your keyboard:. Your computer will then attempt to find the software, and then will start downloading it. The following popup will appear:. Once the software is installed, click Done. That's it! You're now ready to go to Step 2.

Go to http: Search for "command line tools" in the search field on the left , then click on the latest version of "Command Line Tools OS X Mountain Lion for Xcode," and click on the the. Once the. This will mount the disk image and open a window in your Finder that looks like this:.

It should automatically launch the "App Store" app on your Mac and take you the Xcode page. Click on the "Free" button, then click on "Install App. Once the installation is complete, go to your Applications folder and double-click on Xcode, then install any required components if asked to.

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When prompted to log in, you should be able to use the same email and password you use for iTunes and app purchases. A kind reader P. Martin pointed out that the Xcode 4. I confirmed that the latest version of Xcode for Snow Leopard available to me while signed in with a free account is 3. I have not tested this setup with Xcode 3. Otherwise, I recommend that you upgrade to a newer version of OS X. Otherwise, search for "xcode 3. As mentioned at the beginning of this section, I have not tested this tutorial with Xcode 3.

Install Ruby on Rails 5.2 · macOS High Sierra

Double-click on the "Xcode" package installer. Once the installer launches, make sure all the checkboxes are checked, as shown in the screenshot below:. Click "Continue," and go through the rest of the installation. If the installation fails, quit the installer, then run Software Update and install any updates that it finds. If no new updates are available, restart your computer and try installing Xcode again. Once Xcode is successfully installed, you can move on to Step 2.

Homebrew , "the missing package manager for OS X," allows you to easily install hundreds of open-source tools. The full instructions are available on the Homebrew Wiki , but you should only need to run the command that's listed at the top of the Homebrew site:. Note that the command listed on the Homebrew site could change, so please make sure that what I have listed above is the same.

If it isn't, please let me know and I'll update it. Copy and paste the command into your Terminal window, press return , then follow the instructions when prompted, as highlighted in the screenshot below. Note that Terminal does not provide visual feedback when you type your password. Just type it slowly and press return. If you get Your system is ready to brew , you can move on to Step 3. Otherwise, go to the Troubleshooting section to learn how to fix errors and warnings you might run into.

Ruby Version Manager (rvm)

Git is the version control system of choice among many web developers. With Homebrew, installing Git is as easy as this:.

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Since we just installed Homebrew, we could have skipped brew update , but it's a good habit to run it before installing anything with Homebrew because Homebrew is updated regularly. Run brew doctor to make sure everything is still working. If your system is ready to brew, you can move on to Step 4.

I highly recommend that you turn on two-factor authentication for your GitHub account. To see this setup in action, go to the 1: RVM stands for Ruby Version Manager, and is one of the most popular tools that allow you to install and manage multiple versions of Ruby and Rails on the same computer.

How To Install Ruby on Rails for Mac OS X

RVM has come a long way since I originally published this tutorial. However, because RVM installs documentation for every gem that Rails depends on, which takes forever, I recommend disabling documentation first:. Now you can install everything with one command. If you're not interested in Rails, just replace --rails with --ruby in the command below:.

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  4. Read the RVM installation documentation to see all the different options you can use. This will take a few minutes, and once it's done, quit and relaunch Terminal , then run this command:. If you get rvm is a function , that means RVM was successfully installed. If not, go to the Troubleshooting section. You should get ruby 2. If you get dyld: Library not loaded: To fix it, reinstall your desired Ruby version by disabling the binary:.

    For Rails rails -v You should get Rails 4. To make sure your system is still ready to brew: Your machine is now set up with the basic tools for web development. If you got any value out of my tutorial, I have more time-saving tips and tricks for you in my free newsletter.

    How to Install Ruby on Rails Development Environment – for Mac OS X

    Once you start hacking away on your computer, you will most likely need to install more tools with Homebrew. Before you do, remember to always run brew update and brew doctor to make sure your system is still ready to brew. To upgrade your existing packages, run brew upgrade.

    Windows Mac you are here! Homebrew Installing Rails requires several software packages. Copy and paste this Ruby command into your terminal, then hit the Return key to run it: In your terminal, run: Copy and paste these two commands into your terminal: Ruby Now that rvm is installed, we can have it install a new Ruby version for us. Run this command from your terminal: To tell rvm to use the Ruby version you just installed, and to use this version by default in the future, run this command in your terminal: In your command prompt, run: You should be ready to create your first Rails app!

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    Installing Homebrew

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