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A few questions: Will that matter once I combine? If I combine the libraries will I able to see them side by side and identify and pull the smaller versions into playlists for use in portable devices and leave the larger files for use by Sonos or other playback devices? Select your iOS device, then, on the Summary tab, tell iTunes to convert higher bit rate tracks to the bit rate you choose , , or And iTunes Music is the older name for the folder; it was changed to iTunes Media, around iTunes 9 or Cant thank you enough for this.

I had playlists from for each class I taught and after a an OSX rebuild I ended up with 2 libraries. I now have both libraries merged. Any suggestions on what to do i. Will it try to erase the iPod data? Now that I have the library intact, should I restore to factory settings on the iPod? Any help is greatly appreciated! If it has, iTunes will be fine with it, and you can choose new music to sync. Just checked before syncing to make sure everything looked alright. Unfortunately noticed that my podcasts are littered among all of my playlists and there are normal mp3s listed as podcasts.

Any ideas? None of the tracks are incorrectly classified. Could you give me further instruction on this step please? I am using a PC if that matters.

How to Combine Multiple iTunes Libraries in Mac OS X

I have found a few other places that have iTunes Music or Media but there is nothing in them. When I play one of those albums iTunes knows where both halves are located! Would it be better for me to run it all on the C drive? I copied it by just highlighting it in explorer and copy and pasted onto my desktop. I would like the F drive to have nothing but music on it. My whole music library is albums. The drive is GB.

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Thanks for your help. So there is no way to merge two libraries that have been built up under two different Apple ID accounts—even though both of them were created by the same person me? You can have content from multiple Apple IDs in the same library. When you make this statement in the article above: Hi Kirk, Thanks for this post. But I want to move one account from my PC to my iphone.

Can you help? My old iTunes account, iTunes A, has nothing but music. I have a crashed computer that used to have my ITunes, plus backups from other computers. The process is the same on Windows.

Combining old music folders in one iTunes library

The locations of the folders are slightly different, but otherwise their contents are exactly the same. Originally it sounded to me as though the system software recognized what I was doing from what the content was, and created the folder named iTunes Media. If Library A already has those folders and files — am I to copy the contents of Library B to a different folder?

Share iTunes Library Between Devices

Can I then discard it after I consolidate files? You only copy the iTunes media folder from library B to library A. After you are certain that everything has imported, then you can delete all of library B, not just the media folder. Once you merge the two libraries, is there a way to have iTunes update the merged libraries so that if still you purchase music from the iTunes Store from each of the Apple accounts that make up the shared library say from the iPhone thst used LibraryA and the iPhone that used LibraryB , you can have iTunes ownload it to the merged library?

In my case, Library B has no separate xml library file. Is there a method that will combine Library A and B into the Music folder? Not only that but if you have more than just two iTunes libraries then you are able to merge them too! Simply merge them one at a time and all into the same place. Where are iTunes Backups Stored — Fixed. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More. Likes Followers Followers Subscribers Followers. Last updated Sep 24, Related Posts. You might also like.

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    How to Merge/Combine Two iTunes Libraries without Duplicates

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